Adults with Crayons

Join us each month for a night of laughs, and leave with a deep concern for our sanity.

If you like Law and Order, you will be gravely disappointed by our show. While we often play dead people, Dick Wolf we are not. I just wanted to get that out of the way because somehow that show is on the air after so long and that must mean this resonates with a large enough population.

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Let’s meet our actors:

Caleb Towns

Caleb is like your dad at a barbecue. As a child you recognized his power over the craft of meat flipping and looked past the burnt meat shoved into a soggy bun, because Dad was a superhero. Now as an adult you see him for what he is: a middle-aged man desperately holding onto his sanity while white knuckling the spatula. You imagine Caleb once had dreams, but any dreams have vanished just like the flavor in the hockey puck he calls a burger. You imagine Caleb looking into the bottom of another lager and seeing his reflection, and like you, remembering the good old days of yesteryear.

Nathan Munson

Nathan definitely peaked in elementary school. While his maturity may have been low and his obsession with fart-based humor was at an all time high, Nathan did get kissed on the playground as a Kindergartner and that was kind of a big deal. Ever since then, Nathan has been riding the coat tails of his confident younger self and has ultimately taken a downward spiral into the sordid art of improvisation.

Bryan Paul Kopsitz

The next time the Ukrainian comedy show, "Горілка, горілка, горілка (Vodka, vodka, vodka)" starts up on your TV screen, listen closely. Amidst the hilarious antics and jokes of Jasef and Mosh, you can faintly hear a laugh peppered in, that laugh is Bryan Paul's. Bryan Paul's (or as he was known to his fans, Borshef) successful career in the Ukrainian laugh track world began quite unexpectedly. While listening to a particularly funny YouTube video on the subway, Bryan Paul's laugh was illegally recorded by a down-on-their-luck TV producer. Skip ahead 5 years and Bryan Paul's laugh has become the anthem for Ukrainian day time TV. You can't skip a stone in Eastern Russia without hitting someone whose heard Bryan Paul's voice and been changed by it. Sadly, 1 month after his rise to fame, Bryan Paul found his career cut short after an episode of "Мій ведмідь, Влад (My Bear, Vlad)" didn't bring joy to the Prime Minister. After escaping under out of Ukraine under the alias he lives by today, Bryan Paul settled into retirement as a semi-successful improv actor to escape the peering eyes of the land he once called home.

RJ Shafer III

The Shafer family line dates back farther than most families and carries with it the power and gravitas reserved only for the royal family. RJ or Reginald Jefros Shafer III was once a name known far and wide throughout his kingdom. Farmers and merchants would whisper of his conquests as he passed through the streets and knights bowed as he entered the throne room. RJ's journey to the throne may have not been the cleanest, but any man who dared speak against RJ's rightful place would find the same fate of those who once graced the throne he now lay upon. RJ ruled with an iron fist but his love for his kingdom was known to all his subjects. No one quite knew what to do when they found the throne empty that cool September morning. Soothsayers prophesied that he ascended to a new plane of existence, while his enemies all took credit for his death. Some say the kingdom felt empty the day that RJ III disappeared, while others believe he never truly left. A rumor found its way into the town that the king had taken a residency with a troupe of actors and performed acts of lunacy and slapstick for shillings. All who spoke of this rumor are met with a swift death and so it like all other stories before it fell away. So the Shafer kingdom waits for their king, hoping that one day they may behold him upon his stead riding into their hearts once again.

Joe Blum

As far as the United States is concerned, Joe Blum doesn't exist. Besides a heavily redacted file tucked away in a filing cabinet at the FBI, Joe Blum is an anomoly. Sources close to FBI have been hush on the issue and the story of Joe's life. Joe could have remained in the shadow and stayed a secret, if only he hadn't resurfaced. Survelliance footage picked up a man fitting Joe's description performing in small theatres and clubhouses and since then, his whole life story has been broken open. Petrov Sokolov worked for the KGB during the Cold War. As a sleeper agent, Petrov took on the alias of Joe Blum and took on a normal American lifestyle until he was awakened by his handler. The 5 years of Joe's work in America remains the most shrowded and mysterious. Nobody knows what events transpired after his awakening except from the local folklore heard within dive bars. In the South they called him "El Bardudo (The Bearded One)", while along with Midwest he was simply, "The Gentle Voiced". Every town record of Joe is either lost or burned and anyone with eyewitness accounts choose to remain quiet. Talk of his immergence in the theatre scene shook the FBI to the core and all attempts to contact him have been met with silence. For now, the FBI watches in scilence, monitoring the man who claims to be Joe.

Joshua Carter

When Joshua isn’t acting, he is shaping the minds of young children just like he shapes vases on a pottery wheel in his art classroom. He denies any allegations that he may have confused brains for vases and wants to apologize for any upsetting imagery at his school’s last art show. He agrees that, “The Minds of our Youth” was a bit on the nose but promises that next years, “Through the Eyes of a Child” will be a rousing success.