2019 Season

Rogue Productions 2019 season is one that focuses on the different types of loves we all experience. In Julius Caesar we see the love of one’s country come into conflict with the love that is brotherhood, in Romeo and Juliet we see that even in tragedy love finds a way to mend the heart, Twelfth Night is all about love through communication and intentionality, and finally Christmas Carol is about a man rediscovering the value of love and how living a life of love impacts the world around him for the better. Love and all of its many forms is what our 2019 season is all about.



Miller Park Center, March 21 - 30

Rogue Productions’ production of Julius Caesar is a modern day political drama that centers around the assassination of Julius Caesar. It is a show that focuses on the themes of Brotherhood, Nationalism, and Political Manipulation.


Romeo and Juliet

Thomas Jefferson’ Poplar Forest,

March 23 - June 2

Romeo and Juliet is a classic story filled with romance, humor, sword fights, and valuable lessons that still hold truth to this day. At it’s heart though, Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy about two young people, Romeo of House Montague and Juliet of House Capulet. The two were born into two families who shared an intense rivalry built on murder, terrorism, and hate towards one another for decades during the 1500’s. Their parents rivalry makes Romeo and Juliet’s unlikely romance into a tragedy as the two young lovers attempt to challenge the hatred of their families history by joining their houses together through their love.


Twelfth Night

Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest,

August 22-31

Rogue Productions’ production of Twelfth Night is a hilarious play full of mistaken identities, romance, and a pair of yellow cross-gartered socks.


A Christmas Carol

BOwer Center For the Arts, Bedford, VA

December 5th-8th

Rogue Productions presents a classic Christmas story full of messages that should stick with us the whole year round.


Past Shows